Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hunters vs Hunted

Many people around the world find pleasure in hunting as a pass time sport. They recieve a thrill taking the life with weapons against a defenseless creature. I believe it is a form of power hunger, and these individuals find a sense of empowerment and superiority that they don't feel in their everyday life. Like all living creatures (including humans) have emotion and can feel we are all composed of organs, structured to live and reproduce, bodies no matter how large or small covered in nerves that with a touch can make their body tingle.
Imagine walking in your usual environment enjoying your life the way you always do. You hear a noise in the distance, but continue your normal routine. Suddenly you feel a sharp stinging pain of a bullet entering your body and you fall to the floor. With the hopes you survive you would more than one hundred percent likely press charges file a law suit and get whoever shot you the death sentence or life in prison, am I right?
So what gives your life more value than that of another living being?
We take advantage of those we feel we can over power and take control of, the more vicious of a hunt, the bigger the animal a hunter takes down the more pride they take in their kill. What labels you less of a murderer than Ted Bundy, what give you the idea you're not a monster like Hannibal Lecture? Nothing does just mans idea that they can take and destroy everything this earth has to offer, it is mans idea that they can conquer and claim whatever they want.
It is the narcissistic and arrogant society of individuals who have refused to change for centuries who are tearing this world apart.

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