Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Don't look away

It is seldom reported on the news, or social media exposing us to the torture of animals, why is that? Why do we as a society shun the violence towards one another, but not the damage inflicted on our neighbors? "Love thy neighbors as thyself" a saying we have all heard in our lives, who are we to label our "neighbors" as man and woman, we share this planet amongst millions of species. Our narcissistic society believes everything is placed on this earth to our disposal. As a human with moral value, when has it been okay to practice "cruel and unusual punishment" as an American it disgusts me to know our government does not punish these murderers and mentally ill tormentors who find pleasure from severely damaging the lives of a defenseless creature. All life is to be treated with respect, I will expose you readers to a link below with warning it is graphic, but why ignore it when we are we exposed to the terrorist beheadings of innocent Americans in the Middle East, but not the attempt to decapitate a defenseless canine on American soil. Open your eyes to the cruelty and abuse.


  1. The animal is our sincere friend, we should not hurt them. We should give the animals a peaceful living environment. I hope that there will be more and more people to pay attention to your blog and then let us work together to protect the animal,to protect our friends.

  2. Wow! I am astounded by your blog post and i thought i was going to find something pertaining to something else like in other people blogs, but yes you do have a point there. Many people in our would today are self-less and cold blooded when it comes to the welfare of animals and tend to put them as a second or third priority just because they are "Animals", yet these people do not understand the harm and suffering animals go through when the proper care is not being given to them and there people out there having the power of authority to lessen the amount of animals that are put down in shelters, but refuse to do so just because they feel as if their lives are not as important as theirs. I recommend looking up PETA videos if you are willing to share graphic content to your viewers and maybe then will they realize just how much an animal's life is worth! Great blog! by the way I also have more information to share so do keep on posting

  3. There's nothing wrong killing animals for food as long as you don't torture them like they can't feel pain,poor guys.