Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Don't look away

It is seldom reported on the news, or social media exposing us to the torture of animals, why is that? Why do we as a society shun the violence towards one another, but not the damage inflicted on our neighbors? "Love thy neighbors as thyself" a saying we have all heard in our lives, who are we to label our "neighbors" as man and woman, we share this planet amongst millions of species. Our narcissistic society believes everything is placed on this earth to our disposal. As a human with moral value, when has it been okay to practice "cruel and unusual punishment" as an American it disgusts me to know our government does not punish these murderers and mentally ill tormentors who find pleasure from severely damaging the lives of a defenseless creature. All life is to be treated with respect, I will expose you readers to a link below with warning it is graphic, but why ignore it when we are we exposed to the terrorist beheadings of innocent Americans in the Middle East, but not the attempt to decapitate a defenseless canine on American soil. Open your eyes to the cruelty and abuse.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month (April)

Many civilians are unaware of the unheard cries from our fellow beings, however the month of April (as every day should be) is dedicated to raising awareness to animal cruelty. Could you imagine being locked in a cage somewhere in a florescent lit laboratory? Could you feel the fear of waking up to being trapped, having tubes inside of you injecting who knows what into you, and falling victim unable to cry for help, or fight for your freedom, but your cries are ignored for they are not understood. Throughout history mankind has dehumanized races or religions, committing genocides, or experiments on humans, today we shun these actions of our race of species because we are humiliated to believe a "civilized society" could ever be so savage. Now tell me, what is the difference of a human's life and an animal's, what is the difference of the quivers of fear, screeches of agony, and whimpers of mercy to the cruel hand of man kind when acted upon an animal or a person. The difference is us as humans tend to reject what we do not understand, we should understand as a population of beings with emotions and feelings we are not the only organisms who feel love, happiness, and yes, even pain. To my fellow pet owners, have you ever come home from a long trip, and are greeted by your dog jumping and barking full of joy because you're finally back, or a cat after a long day meowing and rubbing against your legs for you to tenderly stroke their fur? Everyday these beautiful creatures who we share this beautiful world with crying for us to help them. When you raise your hand to an abused pet they flinch knowing the pain to come, just like an abused child hides when they know they see the same hand about to come down and smack against their skin. Compassion is not a lost cause, compassion can be taught to those who have lost it, together we can inform the people around us about this fight for freedom and equality, to give voices to those who don't have one to fight for themselves, just as we have done before, I believe we can do now. Take the opportunity to make a difference in the life of one of Earth's own creatures, tell your friends and family, spread the word and give a voice to a silent cause.