Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ruthless fashion

In the world of fashion it is desired to have the plushest fur coat from some exotic animal who was skinned deep in the jungle to make their clothing screech for attention as loud as the animal killed to make this piece of attire. If you feel a sense of sophistication and a pretentious purpose in life by wearing the skin once on a living being you have deep psychological issues. In all seriousness, answer this question to yourself honestly.

If you saw a mega Hollywood star or a jet set billionaire wearing clothing made of human skin, would you desire the look of wealth and purchase your own set of hair man sweaters to keep you warm in the winter?

Would you buy the leather shoes made from an overweight persons stretch marked skin because you liked the pattern?
No you wouldn't.
So explain why we as a planet full of people seek fur fashion? It is again the humans' sense to have a title of power, we as humans assume the wealthier you are materialisticly the more powerful you must be in life. It will never make sense to me who created this mind set, it breaks my heart to believe this is how our race is programed. We are as savage as the creatures we murder, the only thing we do different is fight with words and paper we call currency.

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  1. This is great. Thanks for this friend. This is a constant problem in our country and I always get so angry when I see a ball of fur around someones body.